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We've all met people who have said, "I have a book inside me." What are the chances they've completed their project so that it's ready for public concumption? Chances are slim, very slim. Aspiring authors often come to realize that writing a book, and getting it published, is no easy task. It's actually a lot of work!

However, with today's print-on-demand technology, anyone can fancy themselves an author these days. Just buy the template and WHAMMO! You're an author! I'd like to point out that just because you have a tennis raquet that doesn't mean you're a pro at tennis. Every first time author, or busy professional, can benefit from an author coaching session.

Why Author Coaching 

Jodie Randisi's first book was traditionally published in 2000, after which, she knew immediately she would have a better and more profitable experience if she had full control over her publishing projects. In other words, traditional publishing was a letdown. It didn't give her the results she was hoping for, not even close. Self-publishing was a better choice for Jodie. She's mastered the process with a dozen books published since 2012. COWCATCHER Publications utilizes IngramSpark for book creation, printing, and distribution.

If you're investing in publishing your own book, why not let Jodie point out what pitfalls might lie ahead? 


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If you'd like to schedule a coaching session with Jodie, please fill out the form. In your message, please let Jodie know how you learned about this service.

Your investment of only $125 gets you an hour's worth of professional advice from Jodie, after which you will receive a written summary of the session. Jodie will note all resources mentioned and include a list of key points that specifically relate to your publishing project. 

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