Do You Motivate, Inspire, or Simply Perspire?

A Public Speaking Guidebook for Busy People

With busy people in mind, I put together a simple eBook called Do You Motivate, Inspire, or Simply Perspire? It’s the CliffNotes version of what I consider essential public speaking skills and tips. I’ve included a few exercises (called student assessments) to give aspiring speakers confidence building experiences. Also included is a resource list with links pointing readers to a Public Speaking Self Assessment, transcripts of great speeches, a must-read book list for speakers, and more.

This eBook is only 24-pages long and was created with the intent to invigorate the desire to communicate effectively. Your comments are welcome. Please let me know if I could use your comment as a quote. Good reviews are helpful when spreading the word.


What’s the best that can happen?

Jodie Randisi