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My goal at is to provide helpful publishing services as well access to information and products that will help writers reach their publishing goals. 

The information you see on this site is free to readers & subscribers, but represents many hours of time and research for me. As such, I feel compensation is appropriate so I have agreements with some companies who pay me. Affiliate programs provide some income and allow me to devote time and energy to producing new products and teaching Do The Write Thing workshops.

You have my word, I will only promote products I personally use or can recommend without hesitation. Gaining and keeping the trust of my readers is paramount.

Software for Writers

Typewriter, cork board, scrapbook, everything you need to craft your first draft in one app.

Typewriter, cork board, scrapbook, everything you need to craft your first draft in one app.

SCRIVENER - software for authors

Scrivener unites everything you need to write, research and arrange long documents in a single, powerful app. At its heart is a simple ring-binder metaphor that allows you to gather your material and flick between different parts of your manuscript, notes and references with ease. Break your text into manageable sections of any size and leave Scrivener to stitch them together. Integrated outlining tools let you plan everything first or restructure later. And as your project grows, you'll find that Scrivener grows with it.

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Learn Scrivener Fast is for those who want to skip through the learning curve and get the essentials of your new software down pat. 

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We want to see writers become authors and succeed, and if all you need is a template to format your interior, we can help with that. Writing a book may be easier than formatting it. If you're computer savvy and can follow instructions, you might consider buying a formatted-for-you template. If you get stuck for any reason, we can take over managing your project. 


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For the author who is serious and ready to go down the traditional publishing path, here are two important resources. No need to purchase if you have a nearby library and a library card.

However, owning your own copy, will help make research a bit easier. Plus, these publications include several relevant and timely articles.